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Nick Lovejoy

Nick, a second-generation photographer, has shot photos in just about every form in his highly successful career. His first published photo came at the age of eight, as he held his dad’s camera on the side of a football field in Santa Cruz and captured the key moment in the game. From that day, he knew his calling. Combining an incredibly artistic eye with the perceptive skills of a photojournalist, Nick both tells stories with his pictures and captures emotions. Nick is a graduate of CSU Chico and has worked for multiple newspapers in Northern California.

Cheryl Lovejoy

Cheryl wears the graphic design hat for Studio Lovejoy, using her 19 years working for advertising agencies to provide her a well-rounded, intuitive sense for space, color and layout. Born and raised in Northern California, she is a also graduate of CSU Chico and well-versed in everything from freehand painting to paper element design and creation. Her free spirit and attention to detail combine to give her a unique view on what makes something look beautiful.

Cheryl and Nick Lovejoy
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